Monday, June 6, 2011

What does atelectatic changes are present in the lung bases mean. thanks!?

i had an x-ray done and the result was in words that i dont understand please give me an idea.What does atelectatic changes are present in the lung bases mean. thanks!?
collapse of of a part or whole of the long as seen in an x-ray is reported as atelectatic changes ,What does atelectatic changes are present in the lung bases mean. thanks!?
The lungs and sinus have a mucous that travels through them constantly, cleaning and moisturizing them. If for some reason the fluids are restricted in their movement, like if you have asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, or are not breathing deeply due to a physical restriction, the fluids can get slowed down and since they are sticky, they can cause the lung aveoli (little air channels) to stick together. The lung then doesn't have oxygen exchange to the stuck together areas and this causes physical changes to the lung over time.

The best way to prevent this is to do what is called ';pursed-lip breathing';. Put your lips together and blow air out between them slowly. This makes the lungs inflate. You see people doing that automatically after running or other hard activity. They are expanding their lungs to get the most oxygen in.

Practice this type of breathing throughout the day and you will be helping the lungs to work better and keep the mucous moving and the lungs not stuck together.

I wish you good luck.
Usually that happens to people that are in the hospital or immobile as far as I know. I'm a Surgical Nurse so I always tell my patients that if they don't take deep breaths after surgery, they will get pneumonia because they are not moving the fluid that settled in their lungs during surgery or they will get atelectasis which is a stiffening of the lung from not inflating the lungs fully. In other words, you take only small shallow breaths because of pain or something so your lung gets stiff and loses the ability to fully inflate. You need to start taking lots of deep breaths, deep coughs, and move around as much as possible.
Atelectatic means that part of the lung is either collapsed or not inflating normally.

You shouldn't worry about this, but if you feel some trouble breathing, have a habit that may affect your lungs (like smoking), or have some questions, you should definitely ask your doctor.

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